1.Aerosmith  Live!Bootleg 1978 2LP Japan 32AP 3126-7 NM/NM 20
2.Alcatrazz  No Parole From Rock N Roll 1983 Japan 28MM 0320 NM/NM 20
3. Alcatrazz 1983 live Sentens-  No Parole From Rock N Roll 28MM0351 Japan NM/NM 20
4.Carpenters-Carpenters Golden Prize Japan GP-206 NM/NM 20
5.Cozy Powell-Tilt Japan 28MM 0074 NM/NM 20
6.Deep Purple  Burn 1974 Japan P-6509W NM/NM 30
7. Deep Purple  Burn 1974 Japan P-10104W NM/NM 30
8.Dave Mason-Mariposa De Ore Japan 25AP 1064NM/NM 15
9.Dave Mason-Split Coconut Japan 25AP 503 NM/NM  20
10.Duran Duran-Seven And The Ragged Tiger Japan EMS-91072NM/NM 15
11.Earth.Wind&Fire-Faces 2LP Japan 40AP 1940-1 NM/NM 20
12.Hughes/Thrall- Hughes/Thrall Japan P-11262 NM/NM 25
13.IronMaiden-Heavy Metal Army Japan EMS-41004 NM/NM 25
14.Iron Maiden-Live!!+One Japan EMS-41001 NM/NM 30
15.Julio Iglesias-EI Amor Japan 28 3P-354 NM/NM 20
16.Julio Iglesias-Emocioes Japan 28 3P-356 NM/NM 25
17.Led Zeppelin-Physical Graffiti 2LP Japan P-5163/4N  50
18.Madison-Dimond Mistress Japan VIL-28013 NM/NM 30
19.MSG-One Night At Budokan 1981 2LP Japan WWS-67159.60 NM/NM 20
20.Paul McCartney-Ram Japan EPS-80232 NM/NM 30
21. Paul McCartney-Pipes Of Peace Japan EPS-91071 NM/NM 25
22. Paul McCartney-Tug Of War Japan EPS-81485 NM/NM 25
23.Rainbow-On Stage 2LP Japan MWZ 8103/4 30
24.Saxon-The Eagle Has Landed Japan P-11227 NM/NM 15
25.The Beatles- 20 Greatest Japan EAS-91047 NM/NM
26.The Beatles –Magical Mystery Tour Japan EAP-9030X NM/NM
27.The Beatles-Help(Original M P Soundtrack)Japan AP-80060 NM/NM
28.The Beatles-Sgt.Pepper Japan EAS-80558 NM/NM
29. The Beatles-The Beatles(White) 2LP Japan  AP-8570-71 NM/NM 50
30.The Beatles-Rubber Soul Japan EAS-80555 NM/NM 30
31.The Michael Schenker Group-Rock Will Never Die Japan WWS-70188 NM/NM 15
32.The Police-Synchronicity II Japan AMP-12001 NM/NM 15
33.The Rolling Stones- Its Only Rock N Roll 1974 Japan P-10132S NM/NM 20
34. The Rolling Stones -Gimme Shelter  Japan GXD 1001 NM/NM 20
35.Vowwow-III Japan WTP-90381 NM/NM 12
36.Wings-Wings Greatest Japan EPS-81150 NM/NM
37.Wings-London Town Japan EPS-81000 NM/NM
38.Wings-Red Rose Speedway Japan EPS-80234
39.Wings-Band On The Run Japan EAP 80951 NM/NM 25
40.Wings-Wings Over America Japan EAP-50001/3 NM/NM 25
41.Wings-Venus And Mars Japan EPS-80236 30
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